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Are you in the market for a new website? Whether starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site, our Website Design & Development Project Calculator will help you budget and outline costs for your new site.

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Before getting started

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    Take inventory of your site needs

If you are redesigning an existing site, do a complete website crawl to get a detailed reporting of every page on your site to account for. This ensures that every page is accounted for and allows you to decide whether or not its worth keeping. Website redesigns are the best time for some much needed spring cleaning.

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    Identify Your Page Templates

Every CMS Platform from WordPress to Shopify and everything in between is built using dynamic page templates such as blogs, product pages, and more. Identify the page templates needed for your website by using our page template auditor to help you identify your site structure and page template count. Don’t let other agencies trick you into paying for a 50 page website redesign/build when your site might only really be comprised of 5 page templates total. 

Website Crawl Report
Get your comprehensive website crawl report today!
Website Design & Development
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Website Design
Do you require website design layout support services?
Website layout is an arrangement of page elements (content, images, and more) aimed to provide the best user experience. It determines the sequence in which visitors notice visual components and the objects they pay the most attention to.

Learn more about our Website Design Services here.

By selecting NO, you will be providing the required design layouts for your website development needs.
(you will provide your own layouts)
Website Design Page Template Layouts
Every website is comprised of templated page which creates uniformity, cohesiveness and a better refined user experience. A single page template (such as a product page or blog post page) can be applied to an unlimited number of pages while others (such as a homepage) are dedicated to a single page of your website. Learn more about our Website Design Process here.
Logo Design/Brand Identity
Do you need help with designing a company logo and creating a brand identity? The logo is a key element to the visual brand identity of a company, so it should be designed with careful planning, research and attention to detail.
No, use my current logo and brand identity
Website Content
Will you be providing web content?
Yes, take it from my existing website
Yes, it's in documents ready to go
Nope, but we will provide as needed
Nope, and we will need help with it
Website copywriting is the process of writing digital content for landing pages, product pages, blog posts, and everything in between. Compelling copy can keep your website visitors engaged and lead them to take actions that are both important to you and meaningful to them.
Website Development
Do you require website development support services?

Learn more about our Website Development Services here.

(you have your own dev team)
Website Platform
What web platform are your currently using or looking to migrate to?
WordPress / WooCommerce
Other / Custom
Web Development
How many page templates will need to be built as part of your overall website theme? Each page template includes a total of 4 unique pages. For Example a 5 Page Template includes a total of 20 pages. Dynamic content such as product pages and blog posts are not considered as a page count unless these need to be setup from scratch.
Please interact with any of the choices availabe above

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