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Paid Discovery Audit

You can waste days, weeks or months trying to figure out what’s wrong with your website – or you can let our marketing experts tell you exactly what the problems are and how to fix them with our Paid Discovery Audit!

The audit will show you what’s wrong with your website, and how to fix the issues so that you beat your competition with better traffic and lead generation and overall onsite conversions.

Order your Paid Discovery Audit by filling in the form now and we will reach out to schedule your initial discovery kick-off call.


Paid Discovery Audit

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Digital Marketing Audit


Are You Second Guessing Your Next Big Marketing Initiative?

Stop guessing about what’s wrong with your website and let our team of experts analyze your site for you.

We’ll send you a comprehensive, jargon-free report with prioritized recommendations— measuring everything that matters to the online success of your business in 2024.

Learn how you can outperform the competition, engage your visitors, generate more website leads, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the in-depth reporting and comprehensive analysis, it generally it takes us about 2-3 weeks post discover kick-off call meeting.

The information your provide is solely to help you as a business succeed. We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose personal information collected by your site to third parties.

Yes, we work to gather temporary site access as well as access to any supplementary analytics, such as google analytics. This will provide the basis of our technical and analytics analysis.

We combine over 20+ years of expertise coupled with leading industry tools and reporting systems to dissect, report and analyze every asset of your marketing initiatives. Unlike some audits that primarily focus on SEO or UX/UI, we take a holistic approach that encompasses the entire  digital landscape. Our focus is to provide you with comprehensive data and insights that will help you understand your current performance and identify areas for improvement.

Our aim is to deliver value, insight, and education in everything we do. The fee for this audit is not only a reflection of its value but also a commitment from both sides, eliminating the need for further sales pitches. We are confident in providing you with a self-guided roadmap for success, one that you can effectively implement on your own or with your team.

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