American Institute of Dental Assisting


The Brief

Meet our esteemed client, the Arizona Institute of Dental Assisting (AIDA), a pioneer in practical dental education that has been transforming lives by empowering the next generation of dental assistants.

However, there was a challenge – their website. It didn’t reflect the dynamism, innovation, and hands-on experiences that define AIDA. Their brand image, steeped in real-world training and a commitment to excellence, needed a digital platform that embodied these values and resonated with their students.

They were in desperate need of a website redesign, a digital revolution, to align their online presence with the impactful work they do. They needed a website that speaks to the heart of their purpose: molding theory into practice and students into proficient dental professionals. Our role was to bring this vision to life, to weave their passion and commitment into a digital tapestry that reflects AIDA’s inspirational story.


The Challenge

Before our digital revolution, AIDA’s website was like a puzzle with misplaced pieces; a mix of mismatched pages that felt more discordant than harmonious.

The content was sparse, offering little insight into the transformative work they pioneer and the practical education they champion.

The true essence of AIDA, their hands-on approach and their commitment to empowering future dental professionals, got lost in the maze of poorly structured pages.

Navigating through the website felt like wandering through a complex web, leaving visitors feeling lost and confused instead of guiding them on the empowering journey that AIDA offers.

Their branding, the virtual handshake to their audience, didn’t quite align with what resonated with their target demographic. It failed to echo their innovative spirit and their dedication to nurturing skilled professionals.

AIDA truly deserved a dynamic and impactful digital presence that reflected their true ethos and values.


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Before After


The Solution

AF Digital Native embarked on a transformative journey to revamp AIDA’s digital presence. They crafted a vibrant and intuitive website that reflects AIDA’s ethos and resonates with aspiring students. By focusing on storytelling and user experience, they created a harmoniously structured platform that guides visitors and showcases AIDA’s commitment to practical education. The result is an engaging communication platform that amplifies AIDA’s message of dedication, innovation, and excellence.

Website Flowchart

To ensure a successful content migration, AF Digital Native began by taking inventory of all pages. Through a series of crawl reports, sitemaps and flow charts we were able to visually map out the pages that we were migrating and including as part of the new rebranded website.

Victoria Signature Flowchart Display


AIDA Sitemap Before


AIDA Sitemap After

Website Design & Development

AF Digital Native worked with the client to outline their set of theme requirements and helped build and customize an appropriate theme for this project. Using the sitemap as our outline, we identified the base set of page templates that would be required as a part of the website redesign. 

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