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The Brief

Understanding the client. Midland 1031 is more than just a company; it’s a dedicated partner in your 1031 exchange journey. With a rich heritage rooted in over half a century of combined experience, this company has grown from a modest office in Sanibel Island, Florida, to a nationwide authority in 1031 exchanges and real estate taxation.

Midland 1031 exemplifies commitment, boasting state-of-the-art technology, robust data security, and an unwavering dedication to superior client service.

They are recognized leaders in their field, proudly facilitating exchanges across all 50 states and specializing in the Florida market.

They are a proud member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA), symbolizing their quality and commitment.

Midland 1031 stands ready to help, having successfully processed over 15,000 exchanges, ranging from under $10K to over $10M. Midland 1031 is not simply a service provider, but a partner in your financial journey, championing your success every step of the way.


The Challenge

Despite the illustrious history and sterling reputation Midland 1031 has cultivated, their previous online presence did not truly reflect the wealth of experience, expertise, and commitment they bring to the table.

Their old website failed to capture the essence, the spirit, and the rich tapestry of their journey.

Aesthetically, the design was not aligned with their brand image, nor did it resonate with their audience who are seeking professional, reliable, yet empathetic guidance in their 1031 exchange journey.

This misalignment inadvertently cast a shadow over their business, causing a disconnect with the clientele, and inadvertently influencing their overall business in a less than favorable manner.

In their pursuit of a website redesign, Midland 1031 sought the services of another digital marketing agency. However, the agency failed to deliver on their promises, leaving Midland 1031 in need of expert help to come in and complete their website redesign within a 3 week timeline.


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The Solution

AF Digital Native, driven by a passion for innovation and commitment to client success, dived deep into the work, racing against the clock, all hands on deck (a 3-week timeline), and delivered a solution that far exceeded expectations.

Our commitment to quality remained uncompromised, breathing life into Midland 1031’s digital presence. This was more than just a project; it was a chance to empower a fellow pioneer in their quest for excellence.

Website Design & Development

AF Digital Native worked with the client to outline their set of theme requirements and helped build and customize an existing Hubspot theme to ensure we could design and build within the client’s 3 week timeline.

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