Suffolk Christian Academy

Suffolk Christian Academy


The Brief

Conveniently located in the heart of Suffolk, VA, the Suffolk Christian Academy is a beacon of hope and enlightenment in the Hampton Roads Area. Suffolk Christian Academy is a true testament to more than three decades of dedication to providing excellent education and spiritual guidance within the Suffolk, VA region. It all started back in 1988 as a small weekday school ministry. Fast forward to today, the academy offers an amazing learning environment to over 270 students from Pre-K3 to 12th grade. Throughout its journey, marked by remarkable growth and transformation, the academy has become an integral part of the community. The legacy of Suffolk Christian Academy lives on through its students and alumni, who are exceptionally prepared for their future endeavors.


The Challenge

Suffolk Christian Academy, despite its rich history and influence, found itself facing an incongruity between its vibrant school culture and the impression its website conveyed. The existing website was not mirroring the academy’s unique ethos and values that have been integral to shaping generations of future leaders. It lacked a sense of guidance for potential students and families who were considering joining the academy, making it challenging for them to comprehend the school’s distinct approach and commitment to comprehensive development.

Moreover, for the current students, parents, and staff, the website was not providing the necessary support that was needed to foster a thriving learning environment beyond the classrooms. It was not effectively serving as a resource center, a tool that could have facilitated continuous learning and engagement within the academy community.

These challenges underlined the urgent need for a website redesign – one that could capture the true essence of the academy, its history, values, and its dedication to nurture and foster future leaders. Also, a platform that could offer unwavering support to its current members, and seamlessly connect with individuals and communities who resonate with its mission.


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suffolkchristianacademy old homepage before




Old Academics Page Before Redesign




The Solution

AF Digital Native stepped into the picture with a commitment to bring Suffolk Christian Academy’s vision to life in the digital world. Our approach was rooted in understanding – understanding the academy, its ethos, the diverse audience it serves, and the goals it strives for. We aimed to craft a website that was not just visually appealing but also deeply resonant with the academy’s mission and values.

We began by delving into the audience/user personas that the site was intended for – potential students, current students, parents, staff, and the broader community who share the academy’s mission. Understanding these personas enabled us to design a website that was intuitive, engaging, and catered to the specific needs of each user group, thereby fostering a sense of familiarity and belonging.

Our ultimate objective was to ensure that the website was more than just a digital platform. It had to mirror the academy’s vibrant culture, uphold its rich history, and exemplify its unwavering commitment to nurture the future leaders. Furthermore, it had to serve as a resource center providing the necessary support to the academy’s current students and families, fostering a thriving learning environment beyond the classrooms.

Our holistic approach and close collaboration with the client yielded a website that effectively addresses the challenges identified, aligned with the end goals, and extended the necessary functionality and support. Through this transformative journey, Suffolk Christian Academy’s website became more than a testament to its past, it became a beacon of its future, illuminating the path for generations of future leaders to come.

Website Flowchart

Suffolk Christian Academy’s website needed more than just a superficial makeover. It required a thorough spring cleaning and reorganization – a fresh start.

Over the years it had become a jumble of pages, lacking coherence and consistency. Some pages were even disconnected and inaccessible. This caused confusion among users who couldn’t find the information they needed.

AF Digital Native took on the challenge of transforming this disorganized landscape into a user-friendly experience. We carefully sorted through the web pages, identifying the disconnected ones and understanding their purpose. Then, we organized the vast amount of information into logical sections, making it easy to navigate and access.

Our goal was to provide clear guidance and make the site user-friendly. We didn’t just focus on aesthetics; we also prioritized functionality and efficiency. The result? Suffolk Christian Academy’s website became a comprehensive and engaging platform, ready to guide users with confidence and clarity on their digital journey.

User Persona Profile


Sitemap Main Current
Sitemap Navigation Menu Current


Sitemap Main Alternative
Sitemap Navigation Menu Alternative

Website Design & Development

AF Digital Native worked with the client to outline their set of theme requirements and helped build and customize an appropriate theme for this project. Using the sitemap as our outline, we identified the base set of page templates that would be required as a part of the website redesign. 

Suffolk Christian Academy School Website Redesign
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