UX/UI & Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

Discover an Innovative Approach to Website Optimization That Helps Convert Cold Traffic into Paying Customers

An easy-to-implement guided solution that offers your traffic a hurdle-free experience

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You Have A Website but What’s Next?

You already know the importance of a website for your business in the digital age. After all, it helps increase your reach, connect with your audience, and portray your brand image.


But while a website is an essential first step, it is not enough to register a domain name and add some content.


A website is supposed to build credibility and be powerful enough to convince a skeptical visitor to turn into a paying customer.


This means that you need to optimize your website to offer an experience that informs your end users and makes them take action.

Who Is This For?

Someone who…

Already has a website

Has a decent amount of website traffic, but just not capturing the amount of sales/leads they know they should be getting.

Is looking to generate more leads from website traffic and ultimately drive more sales.

Tried other sales and marketing tactics and is feeling tapped out.

Needs a website

Needs to increase traffic to their website.

Believes that on-site conversions should naturally be under 1%.

Thinks that design (a simply facelift) will fix everything.

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Not Your Everyday Optimization

Agencies today can be quick to offer website optimization through SEO as they can simply use a couple of tools and a few steps to attract more traffic.

But what good is all that traffic when your content is not making your audience convert into paying customers?

At Digital Native, when we say ‘optimize’ we mean transforming your website to boost conversions.

Instead of traffic, this is optimization that is tailored for maximum ROI.

Our ground-break approach to website optimization has enabled our clients to frequently report a boost in conversions by 40-60% on average.

We don’t compound the problem by simply trying to shove more down the pipeline. That’s like fixing a clogged toilet by adding more water or more flushes!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Advertising (Google/Bing/Youtube Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
"It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic."

– Jeff Eisenberg

Who Are We?

As digital marketers, we identified that the current approach to website optimization was generating no benefits for the clients.

A need to revolutionize the website optimization space was therefore essential. One that would help boost sales and revenue for the client.

And so, Digital Native established its most comprehensive service.

As a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in eCommerce and demand generation, we focus on data-driven strategies to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for businesses just like yours.

Instead of entering a broad range of services we have maintained a laser-sharp focus on the things we do best.

We have transformed more than 40 businesses through our unmatched optimization services in 2022 alone.

We analyze over 120+ points of your website, which includes the following:
  • Data (We Focus On The Metrics That Matter)
  • Content (Value Proposition, Content Hierarchy, Information Architecture, & More...)
  • Branding
  • Competitive Analysis (NEW!!!)
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Page Speed (Website Load Times)
  • Technical Issues (Glitches, Broken Items, Etc.)



Since the beginning of 2022 we have completed over 40 website optimization and audit reports for our clients.


Point Check

We do a comprehensive 120+ point check on all websites.


Avg. Conversion Rate Improvement

Our clients have seen on average a 28% conversion rate improvement on their website.

How Do We Achieve This?

It all begins with an in-depth audit performed by our handpicked team of marketing and brand strategists, information architects, website designers, and developers.

We have identified 120+ point checks to determine the areas that maximize your chances of conversion.

At Digital Native, we go beyond just improving basic UX/UI to improve your audiences’ experience.

We perform a cost-benefit analysis to help you identify the best area of investment within your website. Minimize your investment while maximizing returns to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

All of that is presented in the form of our innovative hybrid reports that clearly outline the areas of improvement and enable you to:

  • Better identify and address your customer pain points to appeal to their desires and boost conversions
  • Eliminate customer journey roadblocks to offer the most intuitive and convenient user experience
  • Identify issues that are making customers abandon the sale midway and fix them

No Complicated Reports

At Digital Native, we believe in taking our clients all the way. Unlike other agencies that simply provide clients with a report that is hard to decipher and implement, we truly offer the most comprehensive solution.


Not only do we share the areas of improvement but also provide detailed wireframes and visual components to help you implement all the suggested changes.


Transforming your website into a business-boosting tool is a breeze with our solutions.

Report Samples

Click on image above to view report. 
Disclaimer: For the sake of our clients we have chosen to omit several key elements out of these reports.
We walk you through each step and provide you with clear guidance along the way.

UX Recommendation Samples

Click on image above to view wireframes. 

What Does It Mean for Your Business?

How does a bespoke data-driven solution that offers detailed assistance for easy implementation help your business?


A solution that does not offer vague, broad, and generic overviews but detailed instructions on how to maximize your conversion rate through our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) focused approach.


These are changes that can be implemented in the shortest amount of time and offer long-term returns by:

Increase Conversions
Improve Brand Visibility
Increase Traffic & Revenue
Enhance The User Experience
Boost Brand Reputation

Experience the Change Yourself!

Want to experience what our conversion-focused optimization can do for your business?


Act now to benefit from the biggest discount that we’ve ever offered on this business-altering service.

  • Troxler Effect (You Have Become Blind To The Gaps In Your Site)
  • Second Guessing Your Marketing/Sales Strategy
  • Unable To Make A Decision On What To Work On Next With Your Website
  • Unable To Find Things Even On Your Own Website
  • You Know You Have Traffic Coming To Your Website But Nothing Is Happening Or Changing
  • You Are Worried About Spending Money On Marketing And Not Seeing Any Results
  • You Spend More On Just Having A Website Than You Actually Make From Your Website
  • You Don't Understand How Your Website Should Make You Money (Automatically)
  • You're Considering A Complete Website Redesign, Hoping That It Will Not Only Fix The Looks But The Problems As Well
UX/UI & Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

* Because every website is different and the amount of items recommended for improvement vary in depth, we do not include the cost of implementing these changes to your website and/or running A/B & multivariate testing. You can get a custom quote for implementing changes to your website upon completion of website audit.


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