Guide to User-Centric SEO Title Tag Optimization

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Title tags are one of the most important elements to a webpage and carry a lot of potential for engaging traffic. These simple, 60 character or less headlines, are an integral part of the Search Engine Optimization equation, if not the most important aspect to on-page SEO. If you are looking to increase ranking and/or […]

What’s The Difference Between Remarketing & Retargeting

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Converting online visitors or leads to a sale can be a very difficult task. Studies have shown that only 2% of visitors successfully convert to customers during the first interaction with an online business, usually through the website or social media business account. So what about the remaining 98% of the people who visit but never buy or take the intended action?

Personalizing the Customer Experience Through Data

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The truth hurts. And nobody says it better than the founder of CMI, Joe Pulizzi, “Your customers don’t care about you, your products, your services…they care about themselves, their wants, their needs.” What does that mean for you and your business? Personalization matters! A personalized digital experience can ensure that your customer(s) are heard and […]

What is Ecommerce? An Introduction to E-Commerce

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In the 21st century, it is difficult not to have heard of the word ‘e-commerce’. However, understanding the meaning of this very word is an entirely different story altogether. Perhaps, when you hear the word e-commerce, you think of major retailers such as Home Depot or Walmart. You may even believe that the very word […]

12 Key E-commerce Metrics to Track to Drive Growth

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The most successful e-commerce businesses haven’t got there by chance. They measure their success based on data or metrics. When we talk about metrics, it refers to data points that e-commerce sites collect and help business owners to make decisions. The smartest companies are continually monitoring and optimizing their performance using vast amounts of data. […]

Understanding & Troubleshooting Low Bounce Rates in Google Analytics

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Sounds like an oxymoron right?! Digital marketers long for a low bounce rate, so why would anyone be concerned about a low bounce rate. In fact, this metric is normally a key website KPIs for most organizations. Let’s begin by understanding what are bounce rates. As defined by Google’s support center, “A bounce is a single-page session […]

Understanding the Marketing Mix and the Four P’s of Marketing [Infographic]

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Marketing was and continues to be one of the most essential factors for the success of a company’s products/services. But what comprises good marketing? What goes into it? Good marketing is a practice through which you reach your potential customers, make them aware of your product/service and its advantages such that you hit a chord […]

What is Marketing Automation and How Does it Work?

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We have all heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” This mentality is crucial when dealing with today’s demanding and highly-educated consumers. And in today’s day and age, nothing can prove as invaluable to modern marketing teams as the implementation of marketing automation. While you may not be familiar with the term marketing automation, you […]

The Practical Guide to Market Segmentation [Infographic]

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Do you find yourself using a “one-size fits all” approach to target your customers? Is your marketing approach more of a general mass marketing strategy that encompasses shotgunning general promotions out to a general population in hopes of increased brand awareness and revenue? Are your efforts and cost outweighing your ROI? Are you finding it […]

Keyword Research for SEO: Beginner’s Guide

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Yet another article about keyword research. As a business owner and marketer, I can’t stress enough the importance of keyword research. It may not be the most glamorous of subjects, but it is a vital part of your marketing strategy that can’t be ignored. And beyond search engine optimization, keyword research has the ability to […]

The Beginners Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

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The Beginner's Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

The eCommerce Playbook for a Winning Google Ads Strategy

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